AMADA Weld Tech Dual Wavelength Laser Welding System


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Dual Wavelength Laser Welding System -  - AMADA Weld Tech
Monrovia, CA, United States
Dual Wavelength Laser Welding System
Both a 1064 and 532nm pulsed Nd:YAG laser welders are combined in one 4-axis system which is perfect for welding conductive materials like aluminum and copper. The 532nm wavelength ensures reliable weld penetration when welding copper, while the 1064nm laser's high peak powers enable high quality welding of aluminum with spot size diameters of up to 0.03 inches (0.75mm). Motion and tooling can be customized to accommodate the various joint configurations and tooling paths of different laser welding applications. Dual wavelength laser welding Coordinated firing of 1064nm and 532nm lasers Water-cooled tooling prevents excessive heat transfer to parts 'Teach mode' feature for tool path generation Universal tooling

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  AMADA Weld Tech
Product Category Laser Processing Equipment
Product Name Dual Wavelength Laser Welding System
Type Complete or Turnkey System
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