Alpine Technical Services Gravity Fed Tank Showers GFTS15WC - 1500 Liter Tank-Fed Safety Shower for Warm Climates


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For Climates with Ambient Temperatures Over 38°C, 100°F MODEL : GFTS15WC Conforms to ANSI Z358.1 2009 Standards Suitable for Non-HAZARDOUS AREA Available in GREEN OR YELLOW This version of our popular GFTS15 Tank-Fed Safety Shower is designed for use in extreme heat. Protective panels and front covering are optional. This safety shower is unique in its ability to properly function in the hottest environments up to 50°C, 122°F. This shower features a non-Hazardous Area Water Chiller (Hazardous Area Chiller Available as option). Though designed for extreme heat, this product also comes with an immersion heater to provide tepid water during winter. It is Durable, Reliable and Cost-effective. This heavy duty safety shower starts with a Stainless Steel frame (304 standard, 316 available) to withstand the harshest conditions. The tank is fully insulated to ensure stable water temperatures. This shower includes an effective Sun Canopy to minimize the effect of sunlight on tank water temperature. The tank is made of UV-resistant GRP for long-lasting performance. This high quality product is fitted with twin ball float valves and a Bylaw 30 kit to help reduce the formation of Legionella Pneumophila. This unit guarantees 15 minutes of tepid water. FEATURES: Insulated, Sealed Overhead Tank Stainless Steel Frame (304 Standard, 316 Option), Valves & Fittings 1” NPT Stainless Steel Inlet ( situated at back of unit) Overhead ABS rose (20 gpm) 3 KW Immersion Heater with Digital Stat Stainless Steel Push/panic Bar and Testing Lever Luminous Walk-on Activation Platform (Not shown in photo) Internal Tank-Fed Eyewash with Foot Treadle GRP Sun Canopy (Minimizes the effects of the sun on water temperature) Internal Low-Energy Lamp Visual Water Level Indicator All Necessary Safety Signs Low Water Level Alarm OPTIONS: Flashing Alarm and Siren with Remote-capable Microswitches Fitted to Shower or Eyewash or Both Drain Sump with 2" NPT Stainless Steel Outlet at bottom rear of shower 1-Year HClenz Water Treatment Kit (To eliminate Legionella – please see technical sheet) Side and Rear Panels to Contain Wash-off and Provide Protection from Wind Overlapping Strip Curtain to Contain Wash-off and Provide Protection from Wind External Low-Energy Lamp Class 1 Division 2 Warm Climate Configuration (Model GFTS15WCH)
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  Alpine Technical Services
Product Category Shower and Eye Washing Stations
Product Number GFTS15WC - 1500 Liter Tank-Fed Safety Shower for Warm Climates
Product Name Gravity Fed Tank Showers
Mounting Floor Mount
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