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LVDT Linear Position Sensor - PGHD Series - Alliance Sensors Group
Moorestown, NJ, USA
LVDT Linear Position Sensor PGHD Series
Specifically Designed and Engineered for Applications in Power Generating Steam Turbine Control Systems The Alliance Sensors Group PG Series linear sensors are the first LVDT-based valve position sensors designed and engineered specifically for applications in electric power generating steam turbine control systems. Many features of the Alliance Sensors Group PG Sensors were requested by power gen controls engineers and are embodied in all PG models, including the PGHD Heavy Duty LVDT, the PGSD Super Duty LVDT, and the PGRR mild Radiation Resistant super duty LVDT. PG Series sensors are available in full ranges of 3 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches. Also Ideal For Other Heavy Duty Linear Position Sensing Applications Alliance Sensors Group PG Series Linear Sensors solve issues common to most LVDTs found in power gen applications. Typical AC-LVDT sensors used for valve position sensing on steam turbines, were never really designed for physically demanding use. The LVDTs get stepped on, have heavy things dropped on them, are subjected to jets of live steam, etc. The PG series can take this kind of abuse for years on end, providing a new level of reliability at comparable costs to typical LVDTs currently in use. Everything about the Alliance Sensors Group PG Series linear sensor is heavy duty, from the wire connection terminal block inside an IP-68 sealed housing to the 3/8 inch diameter core rod, in which the LVDT’s core is encased so that it can never vibrate loose or break off. An available in-line ball joint on the connecting rod takes up installation misalignment and a double contact shaft seal keeps dirt and grit out. Electrical connections use Euro-style screw-clamp-type terminals accepting No. 24 to No. 14 AWG, eliminating the nuisance of soldering to connectors. A 3/4-NPS female hub accepts liquid tight connectors, cord grips, or flexible conduit fittings.
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  Alliance Sensors Group
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number PGHD Series
Product Name LVDT Linear Position Sensor
Sensor Technology LVDT Linear Position Sensor
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