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LVDT Linear Position Sensor - LA-27 Series - Alliance Sensors Group
Moorestown, NJ, USA
LVDT Linear Position Sensor LA-27 Series
The LA-27 is robust and designed to survive heavy duty applications in harsh environments. This robust linear position sensor has a 1.050” OD aluminum housing (stainless steel housings are available), two double contact shaft seals to keep dirt and debris out, and is offered standard with a 12 mm Turck style connector or as an option either a cable or MS style axial connector for compatibility to other manufactures products. For mounting, the housing is offered with a threaded hex nut, lock washer and flat washer. This allows the user to drill a hole through a thick wall plate and locking the LVDT in place. The LA-27 core is encapsulated in the core extension rod assembly and can never break loose. The connecting rod comes with a beefy 5/16-24 UNC male thread making it easily mountable. An axial connector version with rod end attached to the core rod and the back of the sensor is available. Available in ranges from 3” to 15”, the LA-27 is ideal for roller gap positioning, head box feedback, valve displacement, and actuator position feedback with the ruggedness to withstand the harsh environments found in power plants, paper, steel and aluminum mills, fluid power and hydro plants. Rated for IP-68, the LVDT can survive wash down, grease and grime. Optional core extension rod fittings The LA-25 and LA-27 can be mounted where one would have never considered using an LVDT previously. The unit is rated for 350degF with a 400degF option available. The strength of the housing protects the sensor from being stepped on or having material dropped on it. This lowers cost of ownership and down time from damaged sensors. When mated with the Alliance Sensors SC-100 industrial LVDT Din rail mountable signal conditioner with push- button calibration, the LA-25 or LA-27 LVDT becomes the ideal solution for heavy duty industrial applications. Besides the LA-25 and LA-27 LVDT, Alliance Sensor Group also offers a line of heavy duty LVDTs for power plants, industrial manufacturing, and process control applications as well as supporting signal conditioning electronics. For more information on these and other ASG sensors, please refer to the web site at or contact the factory at sales@alliancesensor
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  Alliance Sensors Group
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number LA-27 Series
Product Name LVDT Linear Position Sensor
Sensor Technology LVDT Linear Position Sensor
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