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Centrifugal Separator - BTUX - Alfa Laval Inc.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Centrifugal Separator BTUX
The Alfa Laval BTUX separation system has been specifically developed to ensure optimum separation and concentration efficiency in biotechnological applications. The BTUX separators take advantage of the fact that the slurry of concentrated solids is pseudo-plastic and flows easily in the bowl against the centrifugal force. This means that the recovered solids can be obtained with a low demand on energy in a closed system under pressure. Therefore, the hygienic conditions are very good, further improved by a full-speed CIP procedure. Unique Vortex nozzle design Like the FEUX and MBUX separator models, the BTUX separator bowl is equipped with Alfa LavalĀ“s unique vortex nozzles, which offers performance unmatched by conventional nozzle centrifuges. With the self regulating vortex nozzles the concentration of discharged solids phase can be kept at a high and even level irrespective of fluctuations in the feed flow or feed concentration. The centrifuge can thus be operated closer to the clogging point without increasing the risk of clogging. The BTUX separator system is designed for automatic ejection of washed-out solids during the cleaning cycle, which makes it particularly suitable for process lines equipped with automated cleaning-in-place (CIP). A complete separation system The BTUX is available in different sizes covering a wide range of process demands. A complete BTUX separation system consists of the BTUX separator, electric motor, solids cyclone, switch gear panel and starter, control panel, valve cluster, flow meter, sight glasses, flexible connections and other related equipment.
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  Alfa Laval Inc.
Product Category Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Product Number BTUX
Product Name Centrifugal Separator
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