MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Transparent LED Potting Compound UR5638

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Transparent LED Potting Compound - UR5638 - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Waterbury, CT, United States
Transparent LED Potting Compound UR5638
Product Description UR5638 transparent LED potting compound is an optically clear polyurethane resin consisting of an aliphatic polymer designed to provide excellent UV stability while at the same time excellent transmission of the visible spectrum of light. This makes it an ideal choice for potting LEDs which operate in the visible light spectrum, in particular white LEDs. It’s a tough resin which offers excellent environmental protection for both indoor and outdoor LEDs while maintaining clarity. Offering excellent resistance to acids and alkalis as well as water and mould growth UR5638 is suited to a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. While UR5638 shares some of the properties of UR5634 it is softer once cured and is ideally suited to pot larger LED units due to its low exothermic values. For more information please refer to the TDS, our technical support team are also on hand to discuss your application requirements further. Key properties Tough, versatile polyurethane Excellent colour stability Low Exothermic Values Ideal for potting large LEDs RoHS Compliant
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  MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Product Category Encapsulants and Potting Compounds
Product Number UR5638
Product Name Transparent LED Potting Compound
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