MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Solder Paste ALPHA® OM-355

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Solder Paste - ALPHA® OM-355 - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Waterbury, CT, United States
Solder Paste ALPHA® OM-355
ALPHA® OM-355 is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed specifically for vacuum soldering applications. In-line vacuum soldering capabilities are becoming more common as power density increases on Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Bottom Terminated Component (BTC) packages require effective heat dissipation through void reduction. ALPHA® OM-355 solder paste activator system is optimized for the vacuum soldering reflow process to control the rate of volatilization and reduction in surface tension which allows voids to escape under reducing atmosphere. This promotes ultra-low voiding below 5% without the post-reflow defects commonly associated with vacuum soldering.
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Technical Specifications

  MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Product Category Filler Alloys and Consumables
Product Number ALPHA® OM-355
Product Name Solder Paste
Joining Process / Product Form Braze or solder in the form of a paste.
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