Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. Super Versatile Bench-Top Fume Extractor S-981-2B


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Super Versatile Bench-Top Fume Extractor S-981-2B
The Extract-All™ Model S-981-2B Bench-Top Air Cleaner is a Multi-Purpose, Self-Contained, Fume Extraction System. This Two-Stage Filter System is a Source Capture air cleaner which captures airborne contaminants directly at the source and safely removes them before clean air is released into the room. The filtered air results in optimal working conditions and higher productivity in the workplace, with lower costs in energy and housekeeping. Each Extract-All™ system comes with two sets of mounting brackets to attach easily to table or bench-top, with the filter extending above or below. System also comes with two 3” Diameter, self-supporting articulating extractor arms. Arms are made of heavy-duty, chemical, abrasion, and heat resistant polypropylene with flame retardant characteristics. Reach is from 36” to 53”. The ends of the arms can be flared up to 4 1/2” in diameter or as small as 2” in diameter. Unlike other systems on the market, our unique extractor arms have no internal supports or articulated bends, which restrict airflow. CFM is increased by up to 50% over internally supported arms. The portability of this system makes it ideal to use in general applications and locations, including difficult to reach places. Multiple Filter combinations available to accommodate countless applications that require- Fume, Dust, Smoke, and Vapor removal. Includes: • (2) Self-Supporting 3” Diameter Source-Capture Extractor Arms • (2) Sets of Mounting Brackets • Inlet Cap to close off inlet- For single Arm use • Power Cord with Plug
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  Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc.
Product Category Fume Hoods
Product Number S-981-2B
Product Name Super Versatile Bench-Top Fume Extractor
Hood Design Conventional
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