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Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder -  - Advanced Abrasives Corp.
Pennsauken, NJ, USA
Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder
Premalox WCA - A White Calcined Alumina with 99.6% Purity Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder undergoes stringent grading and inspection techniques to assure uniform size and quality of particles, which in turn prevents random scratching or damage to the work piece. It is an aluminum oxide powder characterized by platelet shaped particles of individual crystallites. Under lapping / polishing pressure, the platelet shape causes the crystallites to lay flat and align parallel to the lap / work surface direction of motion. Thus, the applied pressure is distributed over the major face of the crystal surface resulting in a longer abrasive life cycle than with more equiaxed conventional abrasives. Because of the superior cutting rate of WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder, less powder is required compared to conventional abrasives - as little as one half the amount is suggested as a starting point. Available in a number of abrasive sizes ranging from 1 µm to 50 µm. Applications include: Lapping and polishing of glass, precision optics, Quartz, Sapphire, Gallium Arsenide, Cadmium Telluride, and Piezo electric crystals.
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  Advanced Abrasives Corp.
Product Category Industrial Ceramic Materials
Product Name Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder
Applications Abrasive Applications, Lapping/Polishing; Optical Grade
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