Haskel International LLC Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster H-Drive

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Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster H-Drive
H-Drive, Haskel’s new generation of hydraulically driven gas boosters, is designed to safely handle a wide range of critical, high-pressure gas compression and transfer needs, at high rates and pressures for the most demanding of applications. Simple and proven design is reliable and robust, making it safe for continuous long-duration operation. Modular design makes it easily configurable for varying needs Designed with efficiency and serviceability in mind Available as unit or skid mounted form, offering flexibility for system engineers
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Technical Specifications

  Haskel International LLC
Product Category Gas Compressors and Gas Compressor Systems
Product Number H-Drive
Product Name Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster
Gases Handled Air; Argon; Carbon Dioxide; Helium; Natural Gas / Methane; Nitrogen; Oxygen
Mounting Skid / Base Plate Mounted
Discharge / Operating Pressure 4500 to 15000 psi (3167 to 10557 m H2O)
Applications Gas Boosting
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