ABB Measurement & Analytics Cylmate Pressure Transducer PFPL203

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Cylmate Pressure Transducer - PFPL203 - ABB Measurement & Analytics
Zurich, Switzerland
Cylmate Pressure Transducer PFPL203
The transducer is factory calibrated and designed for continuous combustion pressure measurement: 24h a day, 365 days a year without any need of recalibration. The measuring accuracy is 0.5% over the full measuring range and the accuracy is not influenced by any clogging or heat flash from the combustion gases, which is a common problem of membrane based pressure transducers.
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Technical Specifications

  ABB Measurement & Analytics
Product Category Pressure Sensors
Product Number PFPL203
Product Name Cylmate Pressure Transducer
Sensor Technology ABB's Pressductor Technology produces a signal as a result of changes in an electromagnetic field when the sensor is subjected to mechanical force.
Operating Temperature 500 F (260 C)
Measurement Type Gauge
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