Amplifier and Comparator Chips from Renesas Electronics Corporation

400MHz Slew Enhanced VFA -- EL5202IYZ-T13

400MHz Slew Enhanced VFA -- EL5202IYZ-T13 -- View Larger Image
400MHz Slew Enhanced VFA -- EL5202IYZ-T13-Image

The EL5202 and EL5203 are dual, high-speed VFAs based on a CFA architecture. This gives the typical high slew rate benefits of a CFA family along with the stability and ease of use associated with the VFA type architecture. With slew rates of 3500V/µs, these devices enable the use of voltage feedback amplifiers in a space where the only alternative has been current feedback amplifiers. This family also includes single, dual, and triple versions with 750MHz bandwidths; please see the EL5104 through EL5304 data sheet for details.
Both devices operate on single 5V or ±5V supplies from minimum supply current. The EL5202 also features an output enable function, which can be used to put the output in to a high-impedance mode. This allows the outputs of multiple amplifiers to be tied together for use in multiplexing applications.
Typical applications for these families include cable driving, filtering, A/D and D/A buffering, multiplexing and summing within video, communications, and instrumentation designs.