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1.4GHz Current Feedback Amplifiers with Enable -- EL5167ICZ-T7A

1.4GHz Current Feedback Amplifiers with Enable -- EL5167ICZ-T7A -- View Larger Image
1.4GHz Current Feedback Amplifiers with Enable -- EL5167ICZ-T7A-Image

The EL5166 and EL5167 amplifiers are of the current feedback variety and exhibit a very high bandwidth of 1.4GHz at AsubV/sub = +1 and 800MHz at AsubV/sub = +2. This makes these amplifiers ideal for today's high speed video and monitor applications, as well as a number of RF and IF frequency designs.brbr With a supply current of just 8.5mA and the ability to run from a single supply voltage from 5V to 12V, these amplifiers offer very high performance for little power consumption.brbr The EL5166 also incorporates an enable and disable function to reduce the supply current to 13µA typical per amplifier. Allowing the CE pin to float or applying a low logic level will enable the amplifier.brbr The EL5167 is offered in the 5 Ld SOT-23 package and the EL5166 is available in the 6 Ld SOT-23 as well as the industry-standard 8 Ld SOIC packages. Both operate over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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