Amplifier and Comparator Chips from Renesas Electronics Corporation

200MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers -- EL8201ISZ-T13

200MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers -- EL8201ISZ-T13 -- View Larger Image
200MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers -- EL8201ISZ-T13-Image

The EL8200, EL8201, and EL8401 represent rail-to-rail amplifiers with a -3dB bandwidth of 200MHz and slew rate of 200V/µs. Running off a very low supply current of 2mA per channel, the EL8200, EL8201, and EL8401 also feature inputs that go to 0.15V below the VsubS/sub- rail. The EL8200 and EL8201 are dual channel amplifiers. The EL8401 is a quad channel amplifier.brbr The EL8200 includes a fast-acting disable/power-down circuit. With a 25ns disable and a 200ns enable, the EL8200 is ideal for multiplexing applications.brbr The EL8200, EL8201, and EL8401 are designed for a number of general purpose video, communication, instrumentation, and industrial applications. The EL8200 is available in a 10 Ld MSOP package, the EL8201 in an 8 Ld SO and 8 Ld MSOP package, and the EL8401 in a 14 Ld SO and 16 Ld QSOP packages. All are specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

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