Amplifier and Comparator Chips from Renesas Electronics Corporation

250MHz Differential Twisted-Pair Drivers -- EL5171ISZ-T7

250MHz Differential Twisted-Pair Drivers -- EL5171ISZ-T7 -- View Larger Image
250MHz Differential Twisted-Pair Drivers -- EL5171ISZ-T7-Image

The EL5171 and EL5371 are single and triple bandwidth amplifiers with an output in differential form. They are primarily targeted for applications such as driving twisted-pair lines in component video applications. The input signal is single-ended and the outputs are always differential.
On the EL5171 and EL5371, two feedback inputs provide the user with the ability to set the gain of each device (stable at minimum gain of one). For a fixed gain of two, please see EL5170 and EL5370.
The output common mode level for each channel is set by the associated VREF pin, which have a -3dB bandwidth of over 50MHz. generally, these pins are grounded but can be tied to any voltage reference.
All outputs are short circuit protected to withstand temporary overload condition.
The EL5171 and EL5371 are specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range.