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Differential Amplifiers by Analog Devices are integrated and optimised for differential signalling applications. These speciality amplifiers have inherent common mode rejection properties that provide a low harmonic distortion with an output gain and phase matching. Applications include driving or receiving signals over long cable lengths, driving a balanced ADC input and looking for complementary outputs.
Power Supply Type = Dual, Single
Typical Single Supply Voltage = 3 - 11 V
Typical Dual Supply Voltage = ±5V
Maximum Input Offset Voltage = 2.2mV
Maximum Input Resistance = 11MOhms
Maximum Voltage Gain = 66dB
Typical Gain Bandwidth Product = 1000MHz
Minimum CMRR = -100dB
Number of Channels per Chip = 2
Mounting Type = Surface Mount

Analog Devices, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Amplifier and Comparator Chips
Device Type
Differential Amplifiers

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