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Constructed from stacked metallised PPS film, Panasonic ECHU(X) film capacitors feature a mould-less construction. These film capacitors can withstand 85°C, 85% RH, W.V. x 1.0 for 500 hours. They are suitable for reflow soldering.
ECHU(X) film capacitors are recommended for time-constant applications, oscillation and resonance, filtering and audio circuits.
• Reflow soldering only,• Compact design,• Lightweight design,• Low ESR
Capacitance = 560pF
Tolerance = ±2%
Voltage = 50V dc
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Dielectric = PPS
Package/Case = 0805 (2012M)
Dimensions = 2 x 1.25 x 0.9mm
Depth = 1.25mm
Height = 0.9mm
Terminal Type = Surface Mount

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Chip Capacitor
Film Capacitors
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Electrostatic Capacitors
Polystyrene; Polyphenylene Sulphide Film Capacitors
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