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From TDK, the CGA Series of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) provides a highly reliable solution. Utilising precision technology, this series of MLCCs is constructed with multiple thin ceramic dielectric layers enabling high capacitance. These MLCCs feature low ESR ensuring low self-heating and high ripple resistance. CGA multilayer ceramic capacitors also have low ESL and excellent frequency characteristics.
These MLCCs are AEC-Q200 qualified and suitable for automotive applications. Typical applications include automotive battery line smoothing, sensor modules and engine control units. CAG Series ceramic capacitors are ideal for anti-lock brake systems and automotive infotainment systems. Other recommended applications include smart meters, smart grids, solar inverters, AC-DC battery chargers, transportation and agriculture.
Excellent heat resistance,Greater mechanical strength,Superior reliability,Guaranteed performance from a matured manufacturing process,Available with a range of dielectrics,Suitable for high accuracy automatic mounting,Low stray capacitance
Capacitance = 2.2µF
Voltage = 50V dc
Package/Case = 1210 (3225M)
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Dielectric = X7R
Tolerance = ±10%
Dimensions = 3.2 x 2.5 x 2mm
Length = 3.2mm
Depth = 2.5mm
Height = 2mm
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Product Category
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Chip Capacitor
Electrostatic Capacitors
Ceramic Composition; Ceramic X7R
Capacitance Type
Capacitance Range
Capacitance Tolerance
Mounting Style
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