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Panasonic TPF series tantalum capacitors are part of the POSCAP range. Constructed from sintered tantalum as the anode material, the large surface area of the porous materials enables large capacitance up to 1000 μF. High in electric conductivity, the conductive polymer utilised for the electrolyte enables extremely low ESR of 5 mΩ. TPF tantalum capacitors have high heat resistance and reliability making them suitable for high frequency and digital devices.
Solid electrolytic chip capacitors. Excellent frequency characteristics. Lower impedance compared to standard aluminium electrolytic and tantalum capacitors. Low ESR allows for a high ripple current rating compared to other electrolytic capacitors. Conductive polymer enables a self-healing mechanism. Tantalum oxide ensures that no vibration is generated and there is no noise on the PCB
Technology = Polymer
Capacitance = 680µF
Voltage = 4V dc
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package/Case = D4
Equivalent Series Resistance = 10mOhms
Tolerance = ±20%
Length = 7.3mm
Depth = 4.3mm
Height = 3.8mm

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