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KEMET Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) are a preferred capacitance solution, offering tremendous performance, reliability and cost advantages for circuit designers. Our comprehensive line of surface mount and through-hole devices are utilized in a wide variety of computer, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical and consumer electronics. Primary applications include decoupling, filtering, bypassing and smoothing.

Ceramics are non-polar devices which offer unsurpassed volumetric efficiency, delivering the highest capacitance in the smallest package sizes in the market. Available in a wide range of sizes, KEMET MLCCs offer very low equivalent series resistance (ESR), exhibit excellent high frequency characteristics and are extremely reliable. KEMET is driving ceramic capacitor technology advancement, resulting in smaller case sizes, better performances and lower costs. These factors have accelerated the progression of readily available ceramics into markets and applications previously occupied by tantalum, aluminum and film capacitors, lowering the risk of material shortages.

MLCCs are monolithic devices that consist of laminated layers of specially formulated, ceramic dielectric materials interspersed with a metal electrode system. The layered formation is then fired at high temperature to produce a sintered and volumetrically efficient capacitance device. A conductive termination barrier system is integrated on the exposed ends of the chip to complete the connection.

KEMET offers one of the broadest product portfolios of ceramic capacitors in the industry, which allows us to provide customers the right combination of dielectric, termination system, form factor and screening.​


Product Category
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Leaded Capacitor; Chip Capacitor
General Purpose; High Current; High Power; High Frequency; RF / Microwave; Aerospace; Automotive; Motors / Motor Starting; Lighting; Power Supply
Electrostatic Capacitors
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