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Atex Zone 2 RJ11/12 Connectors -- RJ11FTVX7 Series

Atex Zone 2 RJ11/12 Connectors -- RJ11FTVX7 Series -- View Larger Image
Atex Zone 2 RJ11/12 Connectors -- RJ11FTVX7 Series-Image

RJ11FTVX allows you to use a standard phone RJ11 / RJ12 connection in Atex zone 2 environments. With the patented RJStop® system you can use a standard RJ11 / RJ12 cordset in a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids.

Amphenol was the first manufacturer to design an Atex/Zone 2 rated Ethernet connector for the Oil & Petrochemical market.

The Amphenol Pcd Atex Field Bus series, which includes Ethernet, RJ11, USB and Ethernet switches, is designed for device group II, category 3G. According to EN60079-15, it may be operated within zone 2 and class I, Div 2, as low power non sparking connectors.

The same features and benefits of Amphenol Pcd’s proven Field Series connectors were mirrored into the design of the Atex/Zone 2 Field Series connectors and compliments Amphenol Pcd Shenzhen’s explosion proof DIN-Rail product.

Product Category
Electrical Connectors
Connector Type
Military Connector; Modular Connector and RJ Connector
Female / Jack

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