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Luminus Series -- Twist & Lock Receptacle

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Luminus Series -- Twist & Lock Receptacle-Image

The Luminus Series are small, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use. With multiple options to choose from, they meet MIL-T-81714 specifications, use AS39029 contacts, and are environmentally-sealed. Ideal for where space is limited, these innovative connectors feature a locking mechanism ensuring stability and are suitable for blind-mating.

Applications: Wire Bundle and Cable Management, Lighting, IFE and Galley, Instrumentation, Soldier Interconnects, Railway Interior Aircraft Lighting, Avionic Controls (i.e. pilot yoke), Electronic Window Shutter

Features & Benefits

Small footprint
Reduces overall weight of vehicle

Polarization & visual aids
Allows for fast, efficient mating & assembly

Interfacial & triple-barrier seal
Enables complete environmental sealing
Designed for MIL-C-39029 contacts
Standardization simplifies product
Polyamide Housing
Makes for a rugged, durable connector

Product Category
Electrical Connectors
Connector Type
Circular / Cylindrical Connectors; Military Connector
Coupling / Adapter
Coupling / Adapter
Female / Jack

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