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Ethernet 10Base-T Hub Protectors -- Model 56x Series

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Ethernet 10Base-T Hub Protectors -- Model 56x Series-Image

The Patton Model 56X Series solves the dilemma of providing transient surge protection for multiple Ethernet 802.3 10Base-T ports spaced closely together on a hub. This compact box houses 4, 6, 8 or 12 surge protectors in a high density array. Matching input/output ports on the front and rear panels allow the Model 56X Series to connect conveniently in-line with each port on your 10Base-T hub. Installation of the Model 56X is simple. First, disconnect the twisted pair network cables from your hub. Then use the RJ-45 patch cables provide with the Model 56X to connect each hub port to an input port on the Model 56X. Then connect each network cable to the corresponding output port on the Model 56X (since the Model 56X provides bi-directional protection, either front or rear panel ports may be used for input or output). The only remaining step is to connect the braided metal strap on the Model 56X to a nearby chassis ground.All versions of the Model 56X support data rates up to 10Mbps. Harmful data line transients are intercepted before they reach the hub ports and diverted safely to chassis ground. Employing a solid state hybrid circuit, the Model 56X is able to handle repeated surges up to 1.5 k Watts without degrading in performance. And the Model 56X protects transparently, without slowing the network. Why not test one today?


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