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Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker -- 4230-T

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Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker -- 4230-T-Image

Single pole and multipole thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in accordance with EN 60947-2, UL 1077 and UL 489 for DIN rail mounting, with toggle actuation, visual status indication and high rupture capacity. A positively trip-free snap action mechanism ensures reliable switching behaviour. A range of trip characteristics and add-on modules allow a great variety of applications.


Product Category
Circuit Breakers
Rated AC Voltage
240 to 480 volts
Rated DC Voltage
60 to 125 volts
Rated Current
1 to 63 amps
Trip System Type
Thermal Magnetic
Number of Poles
1 to 4
Mounting Style
Manual Actuator Type
Operating Temperature
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