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Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker -- 3120-F

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Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker -- 3120-F-Image

The 3120-F circuit breaker/switch combination is an ON/OFF switch with integral overcurrent protection (S-type TO CBE to EN/IEC 60934). The trip element is a bimetal. Type 3120-F is ideally suited for overload protection of motors, pumps, transformers and cables.
Product characteristics:

  • rocker or push button actuation
  • single pole and double pole versions
  • reliable switching behaviour (positively trip-free)
  • convenient snap-in mounting
  • international approvals

Options and add-on modules:

  • illumination
  • water splash protection
  • auxiliary contacts
  • under voltage trip
  • remote trip
  • magnetic trip (see thermal-magnetic circuit breakers)
  • push-in terminals
  • appliance inlet module


Product Category
Circuit Breakers
Rated AC Voltage
240 volts
Rated DC Voltage
50 volts
Rated Current
0.1000 to 20 amps
Trip System Type
Number of Poles
Text for Mounting
Manual Actuator Type
Operating Temperature