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Electronics Housings -- Component Housings IP20 Modular CH20M

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The new standard for integrating innovative electronics on the mounting rail.
Trend-setting flexibility and design freedom. Flexibility, efficiency, functionality and security.
CH20M (Component Housing IP20 Modular) – Weidmüller's new housing standard fits perfectly with customized electronics applications. This "standard tailor-made fit" combines the design freedom made possible by a pioneering concept of modularity with the minimized overhead and optimized planning security of a standard system.
From development to production, the CH20M represents efficiency. It covers all of the requirements for a modern electronics platform built with the future in mind. The system has several outstanding features, including its scalability, flexibility, high security level and innovative application functionality. Overall, the product line covers all common pitches, from the 6.1-mm sliced design to the 22.5-mm and 67-mm large-scale housings.
The application-centred design was developed from real world experience for the real world. It is designed with the market, the application and the future in mind. The essential features speak for themselves:

  • Systematic modularity- from head (plate) to (clip-on) foot
  • Excellent scalability – 7 different widths, from 6.1 - 67.5 mm!
  • Maximized security: with leading-pin contact and captive coding system
  • Unlimited continuity - a unified design for all pitch widths
  • Very compact size – up to 4 connection levels and with release lever
  • Complete process security - SMT/THR connection components packaged in Tape-on-Reel and an optimized PCB design
  • Maximized efficiency - with the optimized use of PCB surface space

CH20M - offering the best performance with the least effort. A quantum leap for your application!


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