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The 5000 series is a highly durable multi-purpose diecast aluminium enclosure with RFI shielding properties. The protection rating is IP54, however optional gaskets are available to increase this to IP65. These enclosures are available in red, yellow, green and black.
Close fitting lids held by M3 screws running into tapped holes result in the enclosure being fully screened. Temperature resistant up to 260° C (without gasket). Highly durable and shock resistant. Internal slots for mounting PCBs. Tri-mite paint finish. Easily drilled and machined. Wall thickness 1.8 mm. External Height includes lid thickness of 4mm. Gaskets:. RTM5002/12 226-4155. RTM5003/13 226-4199. RTM5004/14 226-4183. RTM5005/15 226-4177. RTM5006/16 226-4161
Body Material = Die Cast Aluminium
External Dimensions = 121 x 95 x 61mm
External Length = 121 mm
External Width = 95 mm
External Height = 61 mm
IP Rating = IP54
Colour = Black
Lid Colour = Black
Series = 5000
Shielded = Yes


Product Category
Industrial Enclosures
4.76 inch (121 mm)
3.74 inch (95 mm)
2.4 inch (61 mm)
NEMA Rating
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Foreign Objects
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Moisture
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