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Case-in-Case Shockmounted Rack Case -- APFC-0023

Case-in-Case Shockmounted Rack Case -- APFC-0023 -- View Larger Image
Case-in-Case Shockmounted Rack Case -- APFC-0023-Image

Two Cases in One
Heavy Duty ATA Fabricated transport case houses and protects your internal, ATA Fabricated rackmount case. This design allows for a smaller, easily configurable internal case for when you are at the shop or in the field while the external transport case provides the shock protection you need to get your equipment there safely.

  • Hooded Outer Case with Tray Bottom
  • 0.25" or 0.5" Inner Rack Shell Sitting in 1" Foam
  • Exterior Shell Manufactured in 0.25" or 0.50" plywood
  • 18" Standard Depth - Can Be Produced to Any Depth Needed
  • Front Tapped 10-32 Steel Rails
  • Mil-Spec Construction Available
  • Available in Black, Grey, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Burgandy, White, Yellow, and Brown


Product Category
Industrial Enclosures
Electronic and Instrument Enclosures; Rack Enclosures
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