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OTC 3641 Battery Test Charger Kit -- OTC3641

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OTC 3641 Battery Test Charger Kit -- OTC3641-Image

OTC 3641 Battery Test Charger Kit

OneStep gives the user one piece of equipment to completely test and charge batteries with the highest accuracy. The combination of SABRE heavy load, dynamic charge, and accuracy test technologies yields unparalleled accuracy, and the addition of charge acceptance into the test algorithms further increases the level of accuracy. Precise high-output charging can test, fully charge, and return a battery to service in under 45 minutes. It also provides analysis of a battery's charge acceptance by testing the battery again following the charge cycle. It is specifically designed for all forms of the newer AGM (including spiral wound types), gel cell and deep cycle batteries, as well as conventional FLA (lead-acid) batteries.


  • Precise high-output charging - return batteries to service in less than 45 min with 20A input unit.
  • Compatible with AGM, FLA, Gel Cell, and Spiral Wound batteries.
  • Extremely accurate testing combination of heavy-load and accuracy test technology.
  • Precise output charging - computerized control of charging voltage and current.
  • Compact Flash Card port - update software and add memory as needed.
  • Expandability - easy to update and expand as new battery technologies are released.
  • Sealed numeric keyboard - clear covering keeps unit clean as you enter data.
  • LED status lights quickly identify test status.
  • Built rugged - all steel construction with solid copper transformer.Low cost of ownership - designed with internal overload protections, for high volume use field replaceable cables.
  • Easy-to-use menus - screen prompts guide user through procedures.
  • Barcode reader - optional feature for fast and accurate entry of battery specifications.

No. 3641 -- OneStep battery analyzer/charger, 20-amp input. Wt., 68 lbs.