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Midtronics GR8-1200KIT Battery Tester / Charger with Printer -- MIDGR81200KIT

Midtronics GR8-1200KIT Battery Tester / Charger with Printer -- MIDGR81200KIT -- View Larger Image
Midtronics GR8-1200KIT Battery Tester / Charger with Printer -- MIDGR81200KIT-Image

Midtronics GR8-1200KIT Battery Diagnostic Station with Printer

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GR8-1200 Multi-tasking battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station with integrated printer and A108 Inductive Amp Clamp

The GR8-1200 Multi-tasking Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station combines the diagnostic charging expertise of the GR8 with EXP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostics to create a complete, flexible and expandable diagnostic station.

The GR8-1200 features the new Multi-tasking Bridge, which allows the user to perform battery and electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charger is in use. That means you can now more effectively multi-task in the garage and get more value out of one complete diagnostic station.

Simply connect the test clamps to perform a full battery and electrical system analysis. If the battery needs charging, connect the charger clamps and the GR8 takes over. If you have more work to do while the battery is being charged, remove the EXP-1200 controller from the cart and take it to work on the other side of the garage. When the GR8 finishes the job, the Multi-tasking Bridge provides LED and audible alarms so that you can wirelessly send the results from the bridge to the controller to view or print.

GR8-1200 Provides:

  • Wireless Multi-tasking
  • EXP Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Capability
  • GR8 Diagnostic Charging Functionality
  • Flexible Design for Maximum Service Garage Utility
  • Advanced Communications

12 volt batteries
12+24 volt charging systems

Battery Test Leads
10’ removable with Kelvin clamps

Charger Leads
6’ removable Heavy Duty Kelvin Charge Clamps

128 x 64 pixel graphics, backlit display

Battery Test Range
For 12 volt batteries:
100-3000 CCA 100-1000 A (DIN)
100-3000 CA 100-3000 A (SAE)
100-3000 MCA 100-1000 A (IEC)
JIS by Number 100-3000 A (EN)

Charging Voltage
Up to 17 volts, 0.1V resolution (12 volt batteries)

Charging Current
0-60 amps, 1 amp resolution
80 amps peak
245 amps for cranking assistance (jump start)