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Yuasa NP ranges of industrial batteries are valve regulated, with a unique AGM construction. Offering a maintenance free power source, that can withstand extensive shock and vibration. Equipped with a safe low pressure venting system, designed to release excess gas and reseal automatically in the event of increased internal pressure.
Can be used in any orientation except in a continuous inverted position. Designed for industrial use as float or standby power applications such as,Alarm systems,Communications equipment,Control equipment,Emergency lighting systems,Medical equipment,Solar power systems,Uninterruptible power supplies
Five years designed service life,Heavy-duty lead calcium alloy grids,1.2 Ah - 65 Ah capacities,Incorporates a pressure safety valve
Capacity = 10Ah
Nominal Voltage = 12V
Dimensions = 100 x 151 x 102mm
Construction = AGM
Operating Temperature Range = -20 - +60°C
Weight = 4kg
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +60°C

Yuasa Battery, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Lead Acid Batteries
Absorbent Glass Mat
Performance Specifications
12 volts
10 ampere-hr
Operating Temperature
-4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)

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