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Designed to be an independent source of power. This rechargeable battery is your back-up when mains power is lost or you experience a black out. This battery enables you to protect life and property from the consequences of loss of primary electric power supply. With AGM technology, you can be sure that the battery is sealed and maintenance free. The plates are rigidly mounted to withstand extensive shock and vibration.
Capacity = 12Ah
Nominal Voltage = 12V
Dimensions = 94 x 98 x 151mm
Construction = AGM
Eurobat Classification = 6 to 9 Years
Terminal Type = Faston F1
Weight = 3.9kg
Operating Temperature Range = -15 - +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -15°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C

Product Category
Lead Acid Batteries
Absorbent Glass Mat
Performance Specifications
12 volts
12 ampere-hr
Operating Temperature
5 to 122 F (-15 to 50 C)

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