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Our private label general all purpose sealed lead acid battery, ideal for uninterruptible power supply and emergency backup. The batteries can be stored for more than six months and are valve regulated, maintenance free. Our lead acid batteries are highly efficient, suitable for air transport and have excellent discharge recovery properties.
5 year standby design life. Float or Standby use. Low gas emission 99% plus recombination. ABS Resin case to UL94-HB fire resistance. Excellent recovery from deep discharge. Use in any orientation (except inverted.). Leak proof. Road Transport to UN2800. Air Transport to Special Provision ’A67’ ’IATA’ & ’ICAO’
Capacity = 18Ah
Nominal Voltage = 12V
Dimensions = 167 x 181 x 77mm
Application = UPS
Construction = AGM
Eurobat Classification = 3 to 5 Years
Designed for Cyclic Application = Yes
Terminal Type = T12
Weight = 5.4kg
Operating Temperature Range = -20 - +60°C

Product Category
Lead Acid Batteries
Absorbent Glass Mat
Performance Specifications
12 volts
18 ampere-hr
Operating Temperature
-4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)

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