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Cylindrical sealed lead acid 2V cells offering high instantaneous currents and a wide operating temperature range.
A lead acid equivalent to other cylindrical cell types more versatile in their charging requirements than most other sealed lead acid types and are less susceptible to overcharge. Consists of a wound electrode in a polypropylene case in a metal can . Safety vent enables gassing if abused then automatically reseals. The 25Ah cell is not suitable for high cyclic use. A battery case kit, available separately, suitable for the 25Ah cell is 265-1981
Capacity = 8Ah
Nominal Voltage = 2V
Dimensions = 106.7 x 44.5mm
Brand Range = Enersys Cyclon
Construction = Pure Lead
Designed High Rate Application = Yes
Designed for Cyclic Application = Yes
Terminal Type = Tabs
Weight = 550g
Operating Temperature Range = -65 - +80°C

Inventus Power
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Lead Acid Batteries
Pure Lead
Performance Specifications
2 volts
8 ampere-hr

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