Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots from RS Components, Ltd.


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Ace self compensating miniature shock absorbers are maintenance free and self-contained. Their small size makes them ideal for use in small automation equipment and installations. MC shock absorbers can be mounted in any position. AH series stop collars, MB series mounting blocks and KM series lock nuts available for use with these shock absorbers.
Handles effective weights from 0.9kg to 2300kg. Hermetically sealed for long life. Ideally suited for end of stroke cushioning in pneumatic cylinders. Operating temperature range 0°C to 65°C. Impact velocity range 0.08m/s to 6m/s. Optional nylon button. Stop collars, mounting blocks and locknuts available
Manufacturer Series = MC
Body Length = 79.2mm
Overall Length = 96.7mm
Connection Type = M20 x 1.5
Maximum Energy Capacity Per Hour = 45000Nm
Maximum Energy Capacity Per Cycle = 41Nm
Return Force = 4 - 9N
Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°C
Minimum Return Force = 4N
Maximum Operating Temperature = +66°C

ACE Controls Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
MC 225 MH
Product Category
Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots
Shock Absorber / Damper Type
Shock Absorber

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Force & Cycle Capacity
Maximum Force (P1)
Total Energy/Cycle
Operating Temperature

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