Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots from RS Components, Ltd.


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Handles effective weights from 1.4kg to 2088kg. Integral mechanical stop in front end of unit. Ideally suited to applications requiring low initial impact reaction forces. Operating temperature range 0°C to +66°C. Impact velocity range 0.15m/s to 3.7m/s. Interchangeable with MA series adjustable range
Manufacturer Series = SC
Body Length = 138mm
Overall Length = 189mm
Connection Type = M25 x 1.5
Maximum Energy Capacity Per Hour = 90000Nm
Maximum Energy Capacity Per Cycle = 110Nm
Return Force = 11 - 32N
Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°C
Minimum Return Force = 11N
Maximum Operating Temperature = +66°C

ACE Controls Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
SC 925EUM-1
Product Category
Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots
Shock Absorber / Damper Type
Shock Absorber

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Force & Cycle Capacity
Maximum Force (P1)
Total Energy/Cycle
Operating Temperature

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