Leybold USA Inc. Datasheets for Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are used when a vacuum must be maintained in a closed system.
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Product Name Notes
Electrical Control Valve -- MOVE 1250 In all applications where simple, fast and accurate pressure control is desired and necessary several pressure switch and control devices are available. For example the universal pressure switch PS 115,...
Ball Valve
CF Valve
HV / UHV Gate Valve
ISO-K Valve
ISO-KF Valve
Micro Valve
Power Failure Venting Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Right Angle Valve DN 250 ISO-K - EP - VA
Vacuum Lock / Sealing Valve
Varable Leak Valve
Venting Valve
Vacuum technology puts great demands on the functioning and reliability of the valves. The demands are fulfilled only if correct shut-off devices are installed for each application, depending on the...