Kaman Precision Products Datasheets for Eddy Current Proximity Sensors

Eddy current proximity sensors and switches detect the proximity or presence of a target by sensing the magnetic fields generated by a reference coil.
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Product Name Notes
Noncontact Differential Impedance Transducer -- DIT- 5200
Noncontact Differential Impedance Transducer -- DIT- 5200L
>True differential for common mode rejection at an economical price >High-precision eddy current, balanced bridge technology >Capable of sub nanometer resolution >Thermal stability ±.03% FS/°C, at null ±.005% FS/°C >Small...
Noncontact High-Precision Proximity Measuring System -- KD-2446 Non-contact high-precision proximity measuring system >Outstanding precision: static resolution to 12 micro inches >Excellent performance with ferrous targets >Variable voltage input from 12 to 24 volts DC >Compact rugged electronics...