Yardley Products Corp. Datasheets for Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are blocks of material with a threaded hole that are pressed or molded into a part, usually made of a different material.
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Product Name Notes
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 1024D8-21
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 1032D8-21
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 25020D12-32
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 3005D5-14
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 3506D6-18
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 4007D7-19
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 440D5-14
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 5008D8-21
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 540D6-16
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 6010D12-32
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 632D6-18
Type D Standardized Molded-In -- 832D7-19
Can be screwed to butt flush with Type C insert
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 1024C8-15
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 1032C8-15
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 25020C12-22
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 3005C5-10
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 3506C6-12
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 4007C7-13
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 440C5-10
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 5008C8-15
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 540C6-11
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 6010C12-22
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 632C6-12
Type C Standardized Molded-In -- 832C7-13
Counter bore for mating with Type D inserts and for shoulder pin locating
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 1024SF12-12
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 1032SF12-12
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 25020SF16-16
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 3005SF8-7
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 3506SF9-8
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 4007SF10-10
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 440SF8-7
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 5008SF12-12
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 6010SF16-16
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 632SF9-8
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 832SF10-10
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 1024S9-12
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 1032S9-12
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 2004S5-6
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 25020S12-16
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 256S5-6
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 3005S6-7
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 31218S15-18
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 3506S7-8
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 4007S8-10
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 440S6-7
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 5008S9-12
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 6010S12-16
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 632S7-8
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 80125S15-18
Regular Sharp-Sert® -- 832S8-10
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 1024SR9-7
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 1032SR9-7
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 2004SR5-3
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 25020SR12-9
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 256SR5-3
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 3005SR6-4
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 31218SR15-10
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 3506SR7-5
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 4007SR8-6
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 440SR6-4
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 5008SR9-7
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 6010SR12-9
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 632SR7-5
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 80125SR15-10
Short Sharp-Sert® -- 832SR8-6
Curved hooks lock into material, high resistance to rotation and pull-out
Quick-Sert® -- 10015Q22-24
Quick-Sert® -- 1024Q10-10
Quick-Sert® -- 1032Q10-10
Quick-Sert® -- 2004Q6-5
Quick-Sert® -- 25020Q14-15
Quick-Sert® -- 256Q6-5
Quick-Sert® -- 3005Q7-6
Quick-Sert® -- 31218Q18-20
Quick-Sert® -- 3506Q8-8
Quick-Sert® -- 37516Q22-24
Quick-Sert® -- 4007Q9-9
Quick-Sert® -- 440Q7-6
Quick-Sert® -- 5008Q10-10
Quick-Sert® -- 6010Q14-15
Quick-Sert® -- 632Q8-8
Quick-Sert® -- 80125Q18-20
Quick-Sert® -- 832Q9-9
Custom sizes and materials available, plated to reduce corrosion
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 1024JCS19-19
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 1032JCS19-19
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 2004JCS9-9
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 25020JCS24-24
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 256JCS9-9
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 3005JCS11-11
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 3506JCS14-14
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 4007JCS16-16
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 440JCS11-11
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 5008JCS19-19
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 6010JCS24-24
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 632JCS14-14
Coarse Threaded Short Trisert® -- 832JCS16-16
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 1024JC19-24
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 1032JC19-24
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 2004JC9-12
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 25020JC24-31
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 256JC9-12
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 3005JC11-15
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 3506JC14-18
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 4007JC16-21
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 440JC11-15
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 5008JC19-24
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 6010JC24-31
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 632JC14-18
Coarse Threaded Trisert® -- 832JC16-21
Efficient for brittle or weak plastics
Bi-Sert® -- 10015BS22-30
Bi-Sert® -- 1024BS10-15
Bi-Sert® -- 1032BS10-15
Bi-Sert® -- 25020BS14-22
Bi-Sert® -- 3005BS6-10
Bi-Sert® -- 31218BS20-26
Bi-Sert® -- 3506BS7-12
Bi-Sert® -- 37516BS22-30
Bi-Sert® -- 4007BS8-13
Bi-Sert® -- 440BS6-10
Bi-Sert® -- 5008BS10-15
Bi-Sert® -- 6010BS14-22
Bi-Sert® -- 632BS7-12
Bi-Sert® -- 80125BS20-26
Bi-Sert® -- 832BS8-13
Hex shape provides torque and pull-out resistance
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 10015A18-24
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 1024A8-12
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 1032A8-12
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 120175A24-30
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 2004A4-6
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 25020A12-18
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 25028A12-18
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 256A4-6
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 3005A5-8
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 31218A16-21
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 3506A6-10
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 37516A18-24
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 4007A7-11
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 4007A7-16
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 440A5-8
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 50013A24-30
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 5008A8-12
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 540A6-9
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 6010A12-18
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 632A6-10
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 80125A16-21
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 832A7-11
Type A Standardized Molded-In -- 832A7-16
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 10015B18-22
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 1024B8-10
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 1032B8-10
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 120175B24-28
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 2004B4-5
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 25020B12-15
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 25028B12-15
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 256B4-5
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 3005B5-6
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 31218B16-18
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 3506B6-8
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 37516B18-22
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 4007B7-8
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 4007B7-9
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 440B5-6
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 50013B24-28
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 5008B8-10
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 540B6-7
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 6010B12-15
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 632B6-8
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 80125B16-18
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 832B7-8
Type B Standardized Molded-In -- 832B7-9
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 1024E8-12
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 1032E8-12
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 25020E12-18
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 3005E5-8
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 3506E6-10
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 4007E7-11
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 440E5-8
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 5008E8-12
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 540E6-9
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 6010E12-18
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 632E6-10
Type E Standardized Pressed-In -- 832E7-11
Type F Standardized Pressed-In -- 1024F8-10
Holes burnished after tapping, for use with or without locating pins
Fiber-Sert® -- 10015L36-60
Fiber-Sert® -- 1024L19-30
Fiber-Sert® -- 1032L19-30
Fiber-Sert® -- 25020L24-32
Fiber-Sert® -- 3005L11-22
Fiber-Sert® -- 31218L30-32
Fiber-Sert® -- 3506L14-22
Fiber-Sert® -- 37516L36-60
Fiber-Sert® -- 4007L16-26
Fiber-Sert® -- 440L11-22
Fiber-Sert® -- 5008L19-30
Fiber-Sert® -- 6010L24-32
Fiber-Sert® -- 632L14-22
Fiber-Sert® -- 80125L30-32
Fiber-Sert® -- 832L16-26
Lead on both ends simplifies installation
Regular Trisert® -- 1024J19-24
Regular Trisert® -- 1032J19-24
Regular Trisert® -- 2004J9-12
Regular Trisert® -- 25020J24-31
Regular Trisert® -- 256J9-12
Regular Trisert® -- 3005J11-15
Regular Trisert® -- 3506J14-18
Regular Trisert® -- 4007J16-21
Regular Trisert® -- 440J11-15
Regular Trisert® -- 5008J19-24
Regular Trisert® -- 6010J24-31
Regular Trisert® -- 632J14-18
Regular Trisert® -- 832J16-21
Short Trisert® -- 1024JS19-19
Short Trisert® -- 1032JS19-19
Short Trisert® -- 2004JS9-9
Short Trisert® -- 25020JS24-24
Short Trisert® -- 256JS9-9
Short Trisert® -- 3005JS11-11
Short Trisert® -- 3506JS14-14
Short Trisert® -- 4007JS16-16
Short Trisert® -- 440JS11-11
Short Trisert® -- 5008JS19-19
Short Trisert® -- 6010JS24-24
Short Trisert® -- 632JS14-14
Short Trisert® -- 832JS16-16
Lead on both ends simplifies installation, ideal for automated production
Diecast Fiber-Sert® -- 25020LD24-32 Low cost, easily installed, permanent threads
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 1024H9-14
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 1032H9-14
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 2004H5-6
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 25020H12-18
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 256H5-6
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 3005H6-8
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 3506H7-10
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 4007H8-12
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 440H6-8
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 5008H9-14
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 6010H12-18
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 632H7-10
Regular Intro-Sert® -- 832H8-12
Short Intro-Sert® -- 1024HR9-12
Short Intro-Sert® -- 1032HR9-12
Short Intro-Sert® -- 2004HR5-6
Short Intro-Sert® -- 25020HR12-16
Short Intro-Sert® -- 256HR5-6
Short Intro-Sert® -- 3005HR6-7
Short Intro-Sert® -- 3506HR7-8
Short Intro-Sert® -- 4007HR8-10
Short Intro-Sert® -- 440HR6-7
Short Intro-Sert® -- 5008HR9-12
Short Intro-Sert® -- 6010HR12-16
Short Intro-Sert® -- 632HR7-8
Short Intro-Sert® -- 832HR8-10
Reduces molding cycle time, high resistance to rotation and pull-out

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