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Press Pac® 2200 Series -- 2297

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Press Pac® 2200 Series -- 2297-Image
Press Pac® 2200 Series Oil Shear Separate Clutch and Brake Drive System

The Press Pac® 2200 Series Oil Shear Separate Clutch and Brake Drive system is a hydraulic applied, oil cooled, multiple disc, separate clutch and brake for metalforming presses. The unit is ideally suited for installation on both new equipment and the retrofit of existing equipment, including stamping and forging presses up to 4000 tons. These high performance drive systems offer precise control, are virtually maintenance free, and eliminate costly downtime by utilizing advanced oil shear design technology.


  • Hydraulic Actuation / Oil Cooling
  • 9 Standard Clutch and Brake Models
  • Clutch - Hydraulically Applied
  • Brake - Spring Set, Hydraulically Released
  • Torque Range 5000 Lb-ft thru 150,000 Lb-ft
  • Soft Start / Soft Stop Control Package
  • Mounted with Keys or Locking Assemblies
  • Actuation Pressure of 800 PSI
  • Advanced Hydraulic Circulating Oil System
  • Micro Inch Drive Compatibility

Product Category
Hydraulic Clutches
Clutch Specifications
105001.0 to 150000.0 Ft-lbs (142381 to 203400 N-m)
700 psi (493 m H2O)
Spring Assistance
Spring Return/Disengage
Oil Shear; Hydraulic Applied clutch

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Physical Characteristics

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