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Valve, In-line Flow Control, G1/4 -- 47-0200-14

Valve, In-line Flow Control, G1/4 -- 47-0200-14 -- View Larger Image
Valve, In-line Flow Control, G1/4 -- 47-0200-14-Image

The Pallet Pressure Monitor will verify that system pressure is at or above user defined minimum acceptable pressure prior to or during machine cycle.

  • Wireless communication between transmitter and receiver.
  • No electrical power required on pallet.
  • Up to 200 mm.
  • Pallets may be loaded hours or days prior to machine entry and confirmed before machining.
  • Use with Pressure Switch, ordered separately.
  • Receiver may be used with multiple transmitters set at various pressure levels.
  • No more than one transmitter may be within the receiver range at any time.
  • Capable of continuous or sample monitoring.
  • Receiver may be mounted inside machine enclosure for continuous monitoring during machining.


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