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Self Priming Micro Pumps -- 120SP1240-4EE

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Self Priming Micro Pumps -- 120SP1240-4EE-Image

"High accuracy dispense settings from 4 µL to 250 µL/stroke.
Low Power consumption/minimal heat generation.
Low internal volume.
Positive shut off, self priming
High cycle life, up to 20 million dispense cycles.
The solenoid operated pumps are factory set for discrete outputs ranging from 4 µL to 250 µL/stroke. The pumps are PPS (polyphenylsulfide) housing, with EPDM check valves and diaphram.
The 030SP pumps are PTFE diaphram. The voltages are either 12 VDC or 24 VDC The fastest cycle time is 4 Hz (030SP pump) with the slowest being 1.6 Hz (150SP pump) Pump needs to have a computer control or recycling timer and power supply) to operate. The action of the pump is that the diaphram of the pump is held closed with an internal spring mechanism. When the voltage is applied, the solenoid coil becomes energized and pulls the diaphram open. This opening action causes the fluid to be drawn into the pump chamber. The fluid is displaced from the pump when the solenoid is de-energized. Accuracy of dispense varies upon pump size and operating speed.
The 030SP and 120SP pumps have 1/4-28 internal thread ports, with the 150SP being 5/16-24 internal thread."


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Micro Pump; Self-Priming Pump
Power Source
Industry Served