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100 Series Peristaltic Pump -- Model 101F/R

100 Series Peristaltic Pump -- Model 101F/R -- View Larger Image
100 Series Peristaltic Pump -- Model 101F/R-Image

The 100 series is Watson-Marlow's low-flow single-channel range, used world-wide with fermenters. Two cased pumps are available, the 101U/R variable speed pump with auto analog and manual control, and the 101F/R fixed speed pump fitted with synchronous motors to allow exact speeds to be maintained.

The 102R pumphead is available in versions which accept continuous tubing or elements, and in faceplate-mounted OEM drives with fixed (102FS/R) or variable speed motors (102FD/R). An OEM speed control board is available for the 101FD/R.


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Dosing Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Self-Priming Pump
Liquid Flow
Power Source
Pump Housing Material
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