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Precision Intrument Quality Two-Channel Pump -- Model 400F/L2

Precision Intrument Quality Two-Channel Pump -- Model 400F/L2 -- View Larger Image
Precision Intrument Quality Two-Channel Pump -- Model 400F/L2-Image
  • Extremely precise in flow control in a flexible design
  • Flow rates up to 600ml/min
  • Wide range of gear motors available
  • Accepts tubing elements in six standard sizes

With the 400F/R1, the 400F/L2 is our highest precision, instrument-quality peristaltic pump for medium flow rates, having a spring-loaded track, which gives superior tube life and flow accuracy.

The tubing occlusion can be adjusted to produce higher pressures. The tracks are machined to precision tolerances, and the rollers are stainless steel with ball bearings. The pump is available with three standard gear motors. The pump accepts continuous tubing with a 1.6 mm wall thickness, in seven bore sizes, allowing the user to precisely match the pump to the required flow.

The 400F/L2 provides two individual flow channels, each with its own roller set (choose the 400F/R1 if you require a single tube pumphead). The 400F/L2 offers our widest range of options, allowing you to customize a pump exactly to your application.

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Liquid Handling Pumps
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Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Self-Priming Pump
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