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Hydra-Cell® Low Pressure Diaphragm Pump -- T100M

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Hydra-Cell® Low Pressure  Diaphragm Pump -- T100M-Image

Versatile, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications

Hydra-Cell positive displacement diaphragm pumps feature a seal-less pumping chamber so there are no seals, packing or cups to leak or replace. The seal-less design and check valves enable Hydra-Cell to handle abrasives and particulates that would damage other types of pumps.

In addition, Hydra-Cell can run dry indefinitely without damage to the pump.

The multiple-diaphragm design of Hydra-Cell provides virtually pulse-less, linear flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.

Medium Pressure Models T100K & T100M

Diaphragm Pump Features:

  • Seal-less design eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with seals and packing
  • Low NPSH requirements allow for operation with a vacuum condition on the suction - positive suction pressure is not necessary
  • Can operate with a closed or blocked suction line and run dry indefinitely without damage, eliminating downtime and repair costs
  • Unique diaphragm design handles more abrasives with less wear than gear, screw or plunger pumps
  • Hydraulically balanced diaphragms to handle high pressures with low stress
  • Lower energy costs than centrifugal pumps
  • Rugged construction for long life with minimal maintenance
  • Compact design and double-ended shaft provide a variety of installation options

Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Condensate Pump; Dosing Pump; Diaphragm Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Reciprocating Pump; Self-Priming Pump; Triplex Pump
Discharge Pressure
500.0 to 3500.0 psi (352 to 2461 m of Water)
Liquid Flow
38.000 GPM (143.94 L/min)
Discharge Size
1.500 inch (38.1 mm)

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