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Universal Seal Pumps -- K127A

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Universal Seal Pumps -- K127A-Image

The Universal Seal series pumps are similar to the Heavy Duty series, offering thrust control and adjustable rotor clearances to compensate for wear and viscosity.

An enlarged bearing housing at the rear of the pump provides easy drive-end access, and accepts various sealing options including:

  • packing
  • component mechanical seals
  • cartridge single-mechanical seals
  • cartridge double-mechanical seals, and
  • cartridge triple-lip seals.

This allows drive-end access for maintenance or replacement of cartridge seals without opening the head and pulling the rotor/shaft. Some sizes also offer behind-the-rotor component mechanical seals.

Ports are available in a variety of 90- and 180-degree configurations. Integral pressure relief valves are standard. Universal Seal pumps are also available in Jacketed versions.

The Universal Seal Series includes the following models:

  • 124A, 124AE, & 324A - Cast Iron Packed Pumps
  • 4124A, 4124AE, & 4324A - Cast Iron Mechanically Sealed Pumps
  • 4124B - Cast Iron Behind-The-Rotor Mechanically Sealed Pumps
  • 126A - Ductile Iron Packed Pumps
  • 4126A - Ductile Iron Mechanically Sealed Pumps
  • 223A & 323A - Steel Packed Pumps
  • 4223A & 4323A - Steel Mechanically Sealed Pumps
  • 227A & 327A - 316 Stainless Steel Packed Pumps
  • 4227A & 4327A - 316 Stainless Steel Mechanically Sealed Pumps

Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Gear; PositiveDisplacement
Discharge Pressure
100.0 psi (70.31 m of Water)
Liquid Flow
45.000 GPM (170.45 L/min)
Inlet Size
2.000 inch (50.8 mm)
Discharge Size
2.000 inch (50.8 mm)

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