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RS Pro submersible water pumps, designed to clear dirty water in general applications. These high volume water pumps are ideal for flooded basements, rain socked foundations or draining containers. Offers a float switch which turns the pump on and off automatically with changes to the water level.
• Clears dirty water and is suitable for general duties. • High volume water pump is Ideal for flooded basement. • Float switch turns the pump on and off automatically. • Comfortable carry handle. • Can be fully submerged and works in depth of up to 7 m
• 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm
Maximum Flow Rate = 133L/min
Supply Voltage = 230 V
Body Material = Plastic
Maximum Fluid Temperature = +35°C
IP Rating = IPX8
Output Thread Standard or Connection Type = BSP


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Centrifugal Pump
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