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The M1500 peristaltic pump is a versatile and highly capable solution for your fluid transfer and dosing needs. Their simplistic design ensures reliability and minimal maintenance costs with damaged tube or tube elements easy to change within seconds, minimising downtime and costs. The gentle pumping action makes them ideal for abrasive, corrosive, and shear sensitive substances such as live cultures. They can be used for sterile applications as only the tube comes into contact with the fluid and can be easily sterilised.
Pump Type = Peristaltic
Drive Type = Electric
Maximum Flow Rate = 2200ml/min
Series = M1500
Body Material = ABS
Supply Voltage = 24 V dc
Input Power = 30W


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
Liquid Flow
Power Source
Pump Housing Material
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