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The Fluke 700PTPK2 pneumatic test pressure kit contains pneumatic connection accessories designed to make pneumatic test connections easy and leak free. It is a rugged, high quality premium pneumatic pressure pump kit for fast and accurate test results, generating pressure up to 600 psi, 40 bar. The 700PTPK2 is a premium version of the standard 700PTPK kit, adding premium test hoses and an NTR connection to easily attach and remove 700G test gauges or other devices with ¼ Inch NPT male terminations. The kit contains pneumatic hand pump 700PTP-1, premium test hoses and adapters, and a protective hard case.
Pump Type = Hand, Pneumatic
Maximum Pressure = 40bar


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Hand Foot Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
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