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Compact, submersible brass pump for use with clean water. Ideal for drinking water supplies, domestic water supplies etc. Pumps design eliminates risk of blocking and burning of motor, which is common in cast iron pumps because of oxidation in the small gap between impeller and casing. Reliable motor with water bath rotor (canned type) eliminates risk of contaminating drinking water. Class F motor, with class H windings, has high starting torque with the only run capacitor (PSC) mode in corrosion proof material. 316mm high. Incorporates automatic overload protection
Supply Voltage = 230 V ac
Maximum Head = 55m
Body Material = Brass
Maximum Fluid Temperature = +50°C
Output Connection Size = 4in


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Centrifugal Pump
Media Temperature
Power Source
Pump Housing Material
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